Years of Living Dangerously: The Uprooted


New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman investigates whether a changing climate could also be one of the drivers of Europe’s worst migration crisis since World War II. He travels to the remote corners of the African Sahel to see whether some of those migrants making the deadly trip across the Mediterranean are actually “climate refugees.”

Actor Don Cheadle is on the ground in California, where the worst drought in 1,200 years is devastating the nation’s most populous state and the world’s seventh-largest economy. He investigates how California Governor Jerry Brown’s administration is fighting the drought while also fighting climate change. Along the way, Cheadle meets a scientist who warns of a global water crisis, as well as a family of farmers whose lives may never be the same as they struggle to find water in the parched Central Valley.


Don Cheadle, Jay Famiglietti, Thomas Friedman

Directed by

Tom Casciato, Sydney Trattner

Written by