Liquid Lead TEDx Talk

Liquid Lead TEDx Talk with Tottering Biped Theater

Lecture & Workshop Package $25

“Liquid Lead Dancing” is a gender neutral system of partner dancing created by Trevor Copp and Jeff Fox. It developed alongside a full theatre production, “First Dance,” about the development of the traditional first dance for a same sex wedding.

Join Trevor and Jeff for an introductory workshop. They will cover a few basic patterns in some of the most common social dances and the fundamental principles of Liquid Lead partner dancing. This workshop is ideal for beginners but experienced dancers are also welcome to come and play!

Tedx Talk and Demo
: Saturday, July 15, 7:00 PM H.A.C. Cinema 

Ballroom Liquid Lead Dance Class
: Sunday, July 16, 11:00 AM H.A.C.Ballroom

$15 each or $25 for both

About Trevor and Jeff

Trevor Copp was a full-time ballroom dance instructor and Regional Fred Astaire’s Canada American Style Latin/Ballroom Champion. He retired from teaching to pursue his love of theatre  and now runs Tottering Biped Theatre – a professional theatre company emphasizing social justice and highly physical work in Burlington, Ontario, Canada.  He has performed in over 30 international cities and national theatre festivals. The local salsa scene keeps him dancing: as an avid salsa tourist he’s danced in over 13 countries, and he helps coach the current World Salsa Champions.

After graduating with an honors degree in psychology Jeff entered the world of dance in the fall of 2000 almost by accident, investigating an ad out of curiosity, and he hasn’t looked back.  Working as a full-time instructor, choreographer, and competitor Jeff has taught hundreds of students as well as managing to win professional titles in American Style Smooth, Rhythm, Theatre Arts, and Showdance. In addition to his ballroom work Jeff creates lyrical contemporary work, focusing on universal experiences we all share, which has been featured in festivals all over Southern Ontario, Canada.