Still Standing

Anita Hollander is a one-legged actor. She lost her leg in 1977 to cancer, and has gone on to have a successful career in New York and regional theatre. Part of this career has been creating and performing her funny and moving one-woman show, StillStanding.

Her show tells her story from the diagnosis of her cancer to the very moment of performance. Her leg will not grow back, but her mind and spirit and soul have grown to more than compensate. She strides onstage wearing her prosthetic leg, and she could clearly play any role short of the chorus of 42nd Street. Tap dancing is probably beyond her, but not much else would be. After a while she takes the leg off and, for a few very strange minutes, tells her story with the leg draped over her shoulder.

With song, wit, understatement, great dollops of humor, but not a smidgen of self- pity, Hollander reaches out to every member of the audience. How many, after all, will share her one-legged condition?

The show will be interpreted for deaf & hard of hearing audiences.