Stay strong and make art!

March 24, 2020

Welcome to the HPAC Blog. This is your source for entertaining, informative, and uplifting content from our staff, as well as guest writers and artists. Here you’ll find a mix of voices expressing diverse interests in art, reflecting the curiosities of our inter-generational staff and the broad diversity of interests of the Catskills communities we love and serve.

Ellyane will probably write something about obscure but completely amazing indie films you’ve never heard of, some great new animation software, or (more likely) share links to inspirational works by virtuoso fiber artists. Michael might share the latest on cutting edge digital art or offer a spoiler on what to expect at the cinema this season. Dara has her finger on the pulse of the Sullivan County visual art and music scenes and will be our source for up-and-coming emerging artists. Tal is an art and ecology nerd always happy to write informative posts about art that might save the planet. Erin will probably dig into her vast experience in the dance and performance worlds to share funny stories or offer insight into the practices of some of today’s shining stars. And Janet, our fearless (and hilarious) leader, who is just as passionate about art as she is about social and environmental justice, will direct our attention to the causes that matter today.

We are so excited to launch this, and we hope you’ll check our blog for regular updates. You can also follow us on Instagram or Facebook, where we’ll be posting links to new articles as they come out.

Now, it’s worth mentioning that we’re launching this thing at some point during the global coronavirus pandemic of 2020. Most of our staff right now are working from home to practice the recommended “social distancing.” It’s a time of great uncertainty for many of us throughout the world, and certainly none of us right now knows how our economy and our society (not to mention our arts centre programming!) will be affected by it in the coming years.

But we are certain of one thing: Art is important. Art is important all the time. It’s important everywhere. And art is probably more important during times of great uncertainty. Art builds bridges and connects us. Art uplifts, inspires, and elevates us. It gives us purpose and strength to persevere.

Our blog is a product of this conviction, and one of the many ways we will be fulfilling our commitment to our communities in these trying times. And hopefully, when we do return to some sort of normalcy (was there ever such a time?), our blog will continue to serve you with entertaining, informative, and uplifting posts that, simply put, can make your life just that bit better.

Stay strong and make art!

– The Hurleyville Performing Arts Centre Team