SCVA Gift Certificates

Greetings SCVA Members,

While we’re all encouraged to stay home to keep healthy, our Sullivan Catskills businesses are struggling.  We’re here to help!

The SCVA will be selling gift certificates in $100 increments to support our Member Businesses for a limited time.  For every $100 certificate purchase, the SCVA will add a $25 bonus!

How does this work?

The money will be collected by the SCVA and sent to the appropriate Member Businesses each Friday.  The gift certificates expire 12.31.2020.

 Also, don’t forget to order up your favorite beverages, meals, and desserts to help keep our economy moving. Many of your favorite places are open, ready to serve, and utilizing best practice for social distancing whether you choose pick-up or delivery service.

If you have any questions regarding the gift certificate process, please contact Holly Gassler at HLG@SCVA.NET.

Please stay safe and stay healthy,

Roberta Byron-Lockwood