Neuroscience & Emotions: The Life, Work & Music of Dr. Joseph LeDoux


After the screening Joseph LeDoux and Colin Dempsey will play a short set of songs by The Amygdaloids and LeDoux  & Filmmaker Kurt Feldhun will take questions from the audience.

Neuroscience & Emotions: The Life, Work & Music of Dr. Joseph LeDoux” tells the compelling story of the son of a Cajun bull riding butcher who emerges from this unlikely background to become one of the worlds’ leading neuroscientists. The film begins with his life growing up in Eunice, Louisiana, one of the focal loci of Cajun music. He had little interest in science and earned two degrees in business before discovering brain research and rising to the top through his explorations of emotion. Throughout his life music has been a passion. The story is told through interviews with LeDoux and leading scientific colleagues, such as Nobel Prize winner Eric Kandel, but also musicians LeDoux has interacted with, including Rosanne Cash and Lenny Kaye among others.



Joseph Brout, Rosanne Cash

Directed by

Kurk Feldhun, Jennifer Jo Brout & Tim Sommer

Written by

Jennifer Jo Brout