Join WCS Rockies & HPAC in a year-long mixed media celebration of NatureCultures and a journey to rewild nature, culture & the human imagination. Join us as we explore and experience creative and unruly ways of thinking that enable us to democratize conservation, dissolve boundaries, and re-imagine our relationship to the wild. Steep yourself in the song and spoken word and science of the wild. Bring your wild voice to the challenge of crafting a new conservation model for the 21st century. One that gets at the root of the challenges we face and sows the seeds of hope that give rise to elegant and enduring solutions, reestablishing our relationship to nature, to each other, and to ourselves.


NatureCultures Events

Sex and Consequences starring Isabella Rossellini: live theater (5 March 2021)
Hula for the Family:  Virtual Dance Class (14-28 March 2021)
NatureSpeaks:  Spoken word / poetry (21 April 2021)
Buffalo Circles: A month-long celebration (November 2021)

Modern conservation has not succeeded in stemming the trebled crises of social justice, climate change, and the collapse of the wild nature. We have not been able to advance equitable and durable solutions that protect and restore the wildlife and wild places that we all rely on for our food, livelihoods, and soulful.  At the root of these growing crises are socially constructed divides between humans and nature—sterile, silent borders wherein we have lost not only our connection to the beauty and power of the wild world, but also to our wild selves. New conservation models are needed. As is more ceremony and celebration, art & poetry.

Image: Grizzlies walking by Peter Mather