Liquid Lead: Workshop

Liquid Lead: The Workshop with Tottering Biped Theater.

Tedx Talk and Demo
: Saturday, July 15, 7:00 PM H.A.C. Cinema

Ballroom Liquid Lead Dance Class
: Sunday, July 16, 11:00 AM H.A.C. Ballroom

$15 each or $25 for both

Join Trevor and Jeff for an introductory workshop on Liquid Lead partner dancing.  

This workshop provides an introduction to the Liquid Lead concept for partner dancing. Absolutely no dance experience or partner is required, just come up and we’ll give you the sense of what a shared lead and follow dance could be.

They will cover a few basic patterns in some of the most common social dances and the fundamental principles of Liquid Lead dancing.  Ideal for beginners & experienced dancers are welcome to come and play.