Like Any Other Kid


Followed by the  Q&A with Director Victoria Mills

Like Any Other Kid follows the relationships between incarcerated youth and staff in three secure facilities across the country. As staff provides the basics of love, guidance, and structure, the youth transform before our eyes. Through scenes of conflict, vulnerability, loss, reflection, commitment, and joy, we see the youth build long-lasting bonds with staff members that help them in unique and surprising ways.

Victoria Mills, Director/Producer, is an award-winning documentary filmmaker and full-time, practicing psychoanalyst.

Previous film directing credits include Mothers and Daughters: Mirrors That Bind and Hidden Battles, both of which traveled the international festival circuit and had successful impact initiatives with women and girls and veterans and peace organizations respectively.

As an analyst with 30 years experience, Victoria has worked extensively with adolescents, people of different cultures, and those who have experienced trauma. In conjunction with her films, she leads workshops with universities, national organizations, and grass-roots community groups.



Directed by

Victoria Mills

Written by

Victoria Mills