The Point: a work by Leimay

The Point
A work by LEIMAY | Ximena Garnica and Shige Moriya

7:00 pm

FREE Live performance, part of the 1Futureforum

Followed by 7:30 – 8:30 pm | Film screening of Disruptor Awards / 1Future short clips | Hosted By Cannon Hersey and Craig Hatkoff, co-founder of Tribeca Film Festival + Disruptor Foundation | Hurleyville Arts Centre Cinema

LEIMAY Ensemble Dancer: Masanori Asahara
Musician/Composer: Jeremy Slater


The Point is an installation performance of a teetering body constantly mediating its relationship with gravity and balance. A kinetic sculpture responds to movement in a visual and audible manner. The sculpture is wired to a contact microphone which captures the friction between the moving body, the sculpture, and the space within which it is placed.

Part of the 1 Futureforum weekend.

About Ximena Garnica, Shige Moriya, and the LEIMAY Ensemble:

Ximena Garnica and Shige Moriya are a Colombian and Japanese artist duo working as multidisciplinary artists, choreographers, directors, and artistic programmers based in Brooklyn at their live-work space, CAVE. They are the co-founders and artistic directors of LEIMAY and the LEIMAY Ensemble. The LEIMAY Ensemble is a group of six dancers who work regularly throughout the year creating new works and developing LUDUS, a practice that provides the foundation for their work, exploring methods to physically condition the body and develop a sensitivity to the “in-between space”. Current members of the ensemble are: Masanori Asahara, Derek DiMartini, Andrea Jones, Krystel Cooper, Omer Ephron, and Mario Galeano.

Their collaborative works manifest in live body-rooted performances, photography, sculptural, video, light, and mixed-media installation art, as well as publications, and research projects. Their work is concerned with space, body, materials, and time; it exists in different domains, from proscenium settings, museums, galleries, to outdoors in public spaces.

The word LEIMAY is a Japanese term symbolizing the moment of change, as in the moment between darkness and the light of dawn, or the transition from one era to the other.

Masanori Asahara (LEIMAY Ensemble member) is a Japanese born dancer, choreographer and improvisation artist based in Brooklyn, New York. His choreography has been shown at Dixon place, SOAK, and the undergroundzero Festival. He has worked for choreographers Kota Yamazaki, Isabel Gotzkowsky, and Nathan Trice, and has collaborated with visual artists, installation artists, musicians, filmmakers and multimedia artists in a variety of projects. He has performed at BAM Fisher, Brooklyn Museum, Judson Church, Watermill Center, Jacob’s Pillow, Teatro Jorge Eliecer Gaitan (Bogotá, Colombia), Mesa Art Center (Arizona), and Tulsa Performing Arts Center William Theater (Oklahoma). He is a core member of LEIMAY Ensemble since 2010.

Jeremy Slater (LEIMAY Ensemble Composer)
is a multi-disciplinary artist working in the areas of sound, video, computer art, performance, and installation. Born in Reading, England and a graduate of both SUNY College at Buffalo and School of Visual Arts with an MFA in Computer Art. Performances include sound and live performed video that is ambient and sometimes interactive/reactive. Video work includes single and multiple channel videos for screening and installations with sound and ephemeral sculpture. Jeremy Slater was one of the 1999 recipients of the Computer Art Fellowship from New York Foundation of the Arts (NYFA) and has attended the Experimental Television Residency, was guest musician at Watermill Center and HERE with LEIMAY, and was an artist in residence at Seoul Art Space_Geumcheon in Seoul, South Korea. He has exhibited and performed in the United States, Canada, England, Germany, France, Italy, South Korea, and Japan.