IWVS: Cultural Revitalization & Protection

Watch this lively and illuminating conversation between Indigenous leaders from throughout North America that originally took place during the 2020 Indigenous Women’s Voices Summit.  Click below and a new window will open to view the event.


About the Event

The work of protecting, preserving, and revitalizing culture encompasses a rich and diverse set of strategies and platforms for crucial and creative assertions of sovereignty, self-determination, and cultural expression. Further, it is widely recognized that cultural revitalization is requisite for community wellness and the cultural integrity of modern Indigenous communities. Efforts glean from the past, but are not locked into a narrowly focused mandate to return to some idealized former time. Art, song, storytelling, ceremony, language reclamation, food sovereignty, land protection are all drawn on to celebrate, elevate, and reclaim cultural knowledge systems, re-establish relationship and reciprocity, advance healing and reconciliation, and provide the foundation for understanding the world.


Amethyst First Rider: Buffalo Treaty & Iinnii Initiative
Tiffany Hope Cook: Three Sister’s Sovereignty Project
Trisha Moquino: Keres Children’s Learning Center
Kawenniiosta Jock: Three Sister’s Sovereignty Project
Paulette Fox: Iinnii Initiative
Moderated by Cristina Mormorunni (Métis/Sardo), Wildlife Conservation Society, Rocky Mountain Program.

Other Talks from the 2020 Summit

Short Film Series Filmmaker Talk Back, Moderated by Dr. Tasha Hubbard
Interview with Dr. Tasha Hubbard, Director of Nîpawistamâsowin: We Will Stand Up
Decoding Craft: Artist Talk with Sariah Park & Erin Lee Antonak
All talks available for FREE online here.