International Dance Festival


The First Annual International Dance Festival is a full day of movement and dance film curated by Dana Katz and performed by DANAKA DANCE.

Guided Movement Meditation Workshop | 3:00 -4:00 PM

In this workshop participants will learn to let their bodies be guided through listening, and to translate their thoughts and ideas into individual interpretive movement. Open to non-dancers and movers of all kinds!

Film Screening  | 7:00 PM

A screening of short dance films by Yaara Moses and Amit Sides

Live Performance | 8:00 PM

Live performance with works by by Roi Assaf and Itzik Galili performed by Troy Ogilvie, dance films by Yaara Moses and Amit Sides, and DANAKA DANCE presenting Highways I Exit Hurleyville.

About Dana Katz and DANAKA DANCE

DANAKA DANCE is a New York-based contemporary dance collective who collaborates, creates and performs worldwide original works by artistic director and founder Dana Katz. DANAKA captured the attention of fellow artists, presenters, and audiences with its award-winning work, ensemble of dancers, and a fearless physicality grounded by deep humanity and expressed through the exploration of different social phenomena. Cast and directed by Sara Silva.

Dana Katz is a New York based performing artist and choreographer. Her developed choreographic practice, involving the relation of the body to space is defined by physicality that draws its strength from the individual performer’s personal legacy aspect. A supported artist by The Kevin Spacey foundation and an award-winning dance filmmaker (American Dance Festival) her choreography is presented internationally. In the past five years, she has also been the curator of the “Out of Israel Festival” at the 92nd Street Y, initiator of Gibney Dance’s Digital Technology Initiative and the LMCC’s workspace artist in residence 2016-2017.



Cheryl Rosario, Whitney Shmanski, Troy Ogilvie

Directed by

Dana Katz

Written by

Dana Katz, Itzik Galili and Roy Assaf