Resources and Partners


Below you’ll find an extensive list of resources for all ages, kids, adults, artists, freelancers, and arts organizations to help us through this time of social distancing.

Want to take a tour of a zoo or of a museum? Want to explore Mars? Need activities for kids? Want to watch a great performance? We’ve got that.

Are you an artist or freelancer in need of emergency funding? Want to learn how to teach movement remotely? We’ve got plenty of info here.

Are you an arts organization in need of guidance and support? Got that too.

Want lists of what to buy for your quarantine? How to deal with a crisis? How to support your neighbors? Got that, that, and that.

Because here’s the deal: These are strange and challenging times and we here at the Hurleyville Performing Arts Centre have been asking ourselves some tough questions. What can we be doing right now to make life better for the people in our community? How can we provide relief to those who are struggling? How can we entertain, uplift, and inspire at a time of such great uncertainty?

Our answer: Art. Art uplifts. It provides relief. It makes life better.

We aren’t sure how long this will last. But we are excited to share lots of great art with you in the coming weeks. We also understand that there are plenty of people in our community who are struggling and need support right now. Art is also about bridging and connecting us, and so in light of that, along with arts resources, we have posted resources for artists and freelancers, guides for how to support our neighbors in times of need, and plenty of other useful information.

Stay strong and make art!

Dara, Ellyane, Erin, Janet, Michael, and Tal