Film & Dance Series: Tango Shalom


Join us for our Film & Dance Series @HPAC! This month, we’re screening the hilarious and heartwarming film Tango Shalom, followed by a dance lesson in our Ballroom. Reserve your spot unique, fun, and lively experience!

About the film: When a female Tango dancer asks a Rabbi to enter a televised dance competition with her, he develops a plan to enter the competition without sacrificing his faith. The bonds of family, tolerance, and community are tested one dazzling dance step at a time.

Dress Code for Dance Classes: Wear neat, casual attire that is comfortable for movement and shoes with suede soles and heel protectors, such as dress shoes or ballroom dance shoes. Please do not wear jeans, sweatpants, shorts, sneakers, or street shoes.


Jos Laniado, Karina Smirnoff, Renee Taylor, Lainie Kazan, Judi Beecher, Claudio Laniado

Directed by

Gabriel Bologna

Written by

Joseph Bologna, Jos Laniado, Claudio Laniado