Community Survey

Dear Friends,

We imagine that many of you, like us, are staying socially distant. Many of you may be working from home. Many, too, may have lost jobs. You may be caring for cooped-up children or elderly relatives.

We are thinking about you every day.

Our heartfelt gratitude goes out to the first-responders, doctors, nurses, mechanics, police, supermarket workers and other essential workers. We rely on you now more than ever and hope you are being duly rewarded.

The pandemic presents our community with some common challenges. But undeniably, we are each experiencing this moment in unique and very personal ways. We hope you and yours are healthy.

We could not have imagined that our first year as an independent community-supported arts centre would turn out to be quite like this. Nevertheless, we always knew that arts centers like ours are an essential community resource. In tough times, we can inspire moments of beauty and joy. We can provide relief and connection. In recent weeks we have expanded our online offerings and shared lists of online resources for children, adults, artists, and more. We are hard at work every day to develop new programs that can better serve you.

It is clear now that we are at the very beginning of something much longer. Social distancing, in one degree or another, will continue for many more months. The economic impacts will be profound and we will all be touched by this crisis. Throughout it all, the Hurleyville Performing Arts Centre is committed to you.

This is not our first storm. We’ve faced plenty of hardship, and as always, we will overcome it together. Our communities are strong and resilient, adaptable, and filled with creativity and courage.

We miss seeing you at the Arts Centre and look forward to welcoming you with open arms as soon as we are able.

If you have a great idea of how best we can serve our communities, you can always email your suggestions to, or tell us on Facebook or Instagram.

Thank you for your feedback!

Stay Strong & Make Art

With Love from Hurleyville,
Janet, Erin, Ellyane, Dara, Michael, Tal