Buffalo Storytelling

Buffalo Storytelling


Buffalo embodies the values necessary to sustain all life on Earth—human and more-than-human. The Buffalo Way is about honoring an integrated approach to the restoration of Bison, ensuring both their ecological and cultural return. We draw on different values, identities, and knowledge systems and embrace tools from science, to art, and beyond to inspire and reconnect Buffalo lives and lifeways. Art and culture are especially potent vehicles for this journey.

Join the Wildlife Conservation Society, HPAC and our partners in hearing stories about buffalo, reclaiming the Buffalo Way, articulating a vision for the future that draws on the wisdom and courage of Buffalo, and evoking Buffalo in our stories, films, literature, photographs, painting, and music. Join us to reignite Buffalo’s creative fire—and once again walk the Buffalo Way together.


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Ivan & Ivy MacDonald: Filmmaking & Relationship Building to Bring Buffalo home.

 Ivan and Ivy are Blackfeet based filmmakers who use their storytelling to help tell the stories of the communities they come from.

Jorge Nuñez, Street Poets: Buffalo

 Jorge has been writing for over 25 years, he spends his time as a teaching artist.

Julie Larsen Maher, WCS: Bison Chronicles

 Julie is the sixth person, and first woman, to serve as staff photographer for the Wildlife Conservation Society since WCS’s founding in 1895. She has been capturing images of wildlife and communities for three decades at the Bronx Zoo and around the world. Julie is also creator and curator of WCS’s photo blog, Wild View.

Moderator: Alexa Montefiore, WCS

Alexa Montefiore is a Senior Program Manager with WCS’s Rocky Mountain & Mesoamerica programs. She has been with WCS for nearly 9 years, working across global programs on protected area management, strategic planning, civic engagement, grant management, and partnerships. Prior to WCS, she worked at Ogilvy on a range of initiatives for social good.

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