Art on Art with Yatika Fields

When: Aug 20, 2020 06:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)
Topic: Art on Art: Yatika Fields


Yatika Starr Fields, is an Artist with emphasis on studio paintings and large-scale Murals. He is from Oklahoma and a member of the Osage, Cherokee and Muscogee Creek Nations and currently living and working in Tulsa as a fellow with the Tulsa Artist Fellowship. Yatika’s artistic endeavors has taken him around the world, working with institutions and Museums in a continuous dialogue to help broaden the views of Contemporary Native art today. His influences vary with range- often he takes his memories as a frequent source to expand upon. After graduating High School in Stillwater, OK he attended the Art Institute of Boston and then NYC for a decade on the East Coast- the urban environments quickly became an open source of visual and energetic inspirations that continue to influence his works today.

In recent years his work has taken a shift to represent the contemporary politics we live in today tied together with historical and traditional context through explorations in Landscapes, representational motifs of culture and heritage mixed with the pop references of earlier works. His compositions are colorful and dynamic, leaving the viewer to move the eye and find relating elements to their own journey, an orchestrated landscape of unbounded possibilities is revealed.